Project Overview
D&C Pop Drop
Founder, Business Manager, and Content Creator
Remote | January 2021 - January 2022
Key Objectives: Manage branding and social media, design business website and social media content, collaborate with YouTubers to increase sales, list and sell products through our business website, and create custom pops and stickers.
Significant Outcomes: 
•Generated over $10k in revenue within the first 3 months.
•Collaborated with numerous highly viewed YouTubers.
Team: Me (Founder & Designer) and Danny Shi (Founder & Sales Person)
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Weebly, Shopify, and eBay
D&C Pop Drop
D&C Pop Drop is a small Funko Pop business founded by my partner and me. Profiting over $10,000 and collaborating with six famous YouTubers in the span of three months, we resold Funko Pops and sold our own themed Funko Pop mystery boxes. The business began when my partner saw my dad's collection and was inspired to start his own. On the side, I also created custom pops and stickers. Since 2020, we have been on a temporary break to reorganize our inventory and focus on our school and career.
Website and Instagram
Expanding and amplifying
We started selling on eBay, gradually earning a reputation for trustworthiness and good products among our buyers. Building on this, we expanded to develop our own websites on platforms, Weebly and Shopify, where we listed and sold our products. As our business grew, we recognized the opportunity to amplify our presence by venturing onto Instagram. This allowed us to connect with renowned YouTubers within the Funko Community, facilitating the promotion of our mystery boxes. Sharing content featuring these YouTubers unboxing and reviewing our mystery boxes enabled us to attract more customers and gain wider recognition. 
*Please note that the business is currently on a break, resulting in the closure of the website's store and the absence of any current posts on Instagram.*
Mystery Boxes
What's inside?
Given the popularity of mystery boxes within the Funko community, my partner and I created themed mystery boxes. I took on the role of creating illustrations, which I then shared on Instagram as a promotional tool to generate interest and drive sales for the mystery boxes. We even had the opportunity to host a mystery box giveaway with one of the YouTubers.
YouTuber Collaborations
We are on YouTube!
Since mystery boxes are also popular among YouTubers who collect Funko Pops, this was a great way for us to promote our business. We were able to connect and collaborate with many YouTubers to promote and feature our Funko Pop mystery boxes. We were featured in over eight videos among these YouTubers.
Custom Funko Pops
The one and only
Oftentimes, I found that there were no Funko Pops made of the people or characters I liked. Because of this, I began to custom my own pops and even made versions of my friends. Whenever I went Funko hunting with my partner, I would also take a look at pops that may look like characters I want to create. Customizing and painting Funko Pops is another type of art I really enjoy as it allows me to use my creativity in using an existing pop to create a one-and-only product that does not exist.
Custom Stickers
Made just for you
Besides customizing Funko Pops, I drew and printed my digital illustrations to create my own stickers. Rather than spending $5 on a sticker from Etsy, I wanted to illustrate characters through my style and make my own stickers. Oftentimes, I would send these stickers to customers as a mini thank you gift :)

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