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🎨 UX/UI Designer and Researcher | Valedictorian | Art Enthusiast ✨
👋 Hi, I'm Carol—a passionate UX/UI designer and researcher, striving to create and enhance users' happiness! As a recent graduate of Farmingdale State College and the Valedictorian of the Spring 2023 class with a B.S. degree in Interaction Design, I am eager to bring my qualifications, dedication, and drive to the UX/UI field. As an art enthusiast since the age of 4, thanks to the influence of my graphic designer dad, I am always open to opportunities that can help me grow as a designer and further fuel my passion for art and design. My work is often guided by my own mantra: 'Always remember to give things a shot because you never know how far you will go!' Let's connect and create something great! 😄
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