Project Overview
NHP CREW Basketball
Volunteer Photographer, Web Designer, and Content Creator
New Hyde Park | June 2019 - August 2021
Key Objective: Design a website, manage and create social media content, photograph games, and design logos and a jersey.
Tools: Weebly, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Instagram
Who is CREW?
Meet us on the court
NHP CREW, known as "Christians Ready Empowered and Willing", is a non-profit basketball team located at New Hyde Park Faith Bible Church where their mission is to make new friends, improve their skills in basketball, and grow their relationship with God as a team. NHP CREW has played in out-of-state tournaments and local games. In addition to being a player, I was granted the privilege to contribute my creative skills in various ways and allowed me to blend my passions for basketball and design, enriching the team's identity and outreach efforts.
Designing Logos
Logo bogo
NHP CREW was founded by church members who were also my close friends. Given my artistic background, I was asked to design the initial logo and join as a player. The first logo (red with a cross) was used from 2019 to 2020. As the team expanded with new players, the team wanted me to update our logo for a refreshed look (bronze and pink).
Designing a Jersey
Play with style
CREW changed their jerseys times through the years. Excitingly, I was able to design the last jersey in 2021. After discussing with the team about the colors, we've reached the idea of a black and pink jersey (inspired by the K-pop group BLACKPINK) with a bronze version of the logo.
Photographing Games
Say cheese!
Being a photographer for the team was one of the things I looked forward to when going to games. At the end of each game, players were always excited to see photographs of themselves playing and having fun as a team. Players would often post the photographs on their Instagram to share with their friends as well.
Website & Social Media
Catch Us Live
After attending and photographing games, practices, and events, I designed a website and created an Instagram account to upload the content. By having a website and social media platform, CREW was also able to reach out to other local basketball teams to schedule games. 

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