Project Overview
Photography Exploration
Photography | Student Work
September 2020 - November 2020
Tools: Nikon D50
Location: Farmingdale State College
My Photography Exploration
"Be careful not to drop the camera," my father cautioned while passing me his Nikon D50. It was during high school that I had my first experience using a professional camera. From that point onward, I delved deeper into the field of photography. Within one of my college courses, I had the opportunity to explore various styles and genres of photography. Through my exploration, portraits and light painting stand out as my personal favorites.
I noticed that my photography style closely mirrors my approach to drawing and art. Much like my passion for drawing portraits and creating fast, abstract sketches, my photography captures a similar sense of expression. In terms of color, my preference leans towards saturated and high-contrast lighting, adding depth and vibrancy to both my drawings and photographs.

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