Project Overview
Capture My Culture
Photography | Online Article | Class Project
September 2018 - April 2018
Key Objective: Photograph 12 pieces for my AP 2D concentration through an in-depth exploration of a particular concern.
Significant Outcome: My AP score received a 5/5
Tools: Nikon D50
Location: New Hyde Park Memorial High School
Capture My Culture
I've always been deeply inspired by the beauty of my heritage in Chinese culture. This passion drove my decision to center my high school AP 2D concentration on capturing and celebrating the beauty of my culture through photography. 
Years later, this collection of photographs became a part of a published article I authored during my college career. This article was a meaningful contribution to the movement against Asian hate, utilizing the beauty of my culture to promote understanding and unity.
Read my article about #StopAsianHate, published on The Dale News

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