Project Type: Student work
Duration: February 2020-September 2022
Tools: Pen, Pencil. Keynote
About UI Sketches
Through my IXD classes, I have came across several mini projects that involved sketching a quick idea of a product or service. Here are five mini projects I have done which have only gone through some research and paper sketching or is currently work in progress. 
From getting a ride to a pharmacy to meeting for lunch, MooBell is an app designed for the elderly to request help from family and friends around them. MooBell organizes data through its schedule feature which reminds the elderly to complete day to day tasks and allows family and friends to complete requests from their elders. MooBell also includes a social media aspect to keep the elders in touch with their family and friends. 
Costume-On is an app designed for cosplayers and those who attend events such as Comic-Con. Costume-On allows users to shop for costumes that are not usually found in stores such as Party City. Besides that, Costume-On has an AR feature where users can try on costumes before they purchase them. Costume-On focuses on the social media aspect where users can share pictures of themselves with the filtered costumes on. The sketches involved 3 phases of sketching, labeling, and transitioning to digital. 
Long Island Ducks Blended Experience
Through the Long Island Ducks Blended Experience, we were required to design multiple products or services for people who attend the Long Island Ducks' baseball games. Here are some of the ideas I came up with. 
WaterMe is an app designed for young adults who have difficulty reaching the daily fluid intake. From growing your own digital garden to visiting your other friends' gardens, WaterMe encourage users to drink enough water through a fun way. Based on the amount of water users drink, this will be reflected through their garden.
Competitive Benchmarking
UI sketches on existing apps and designs were done to analyze UI design patterns.
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