Redesigning a Game On a New Platform 
Valorant Mobile is a project where I designed a mobile version of my favorite First Person Shooter game, Valorant. Valorant is played on PCs, however recently, Valorant has announced that they will be launching a mobile version of the game. I decided to make a head start by designing the mobile version by exploring UI from existing FPS mobile games and considering players' thoughts about the game turning into a mobile version. I designed screens for friend invites, choosing the game mode, selecting agents, buying phase, and gameplay. 
•Project Type: UX/UI Case Study | Game Redesign | Class Project
•Project Duration: April 2022 - May 2022
•Team: Solo Project
•Tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Keynote
•Responsibility: Redesigned an existing product and developed a UX/UI case study
•Location: Farmingdale State College
Playing Since Beta
I have been playing Valorant since the beta version has launched. Through the years, I have fallen in love with the game from the ease of play, unique agents, and competitiveness involved. From there, I expanded my hobby to streaming on Twitch and even competing on Farmingdale State College's Valorant team. When I learned about Valorant Mobile through social media, I was curious as to how they would launch this. I have seen different prototypes online as to how it could appear. Because of my knowledge in Valorant, I decided to design my own Valorant Mobile for my class's redesign project. ​​​​​​​
The Fandom is REAL.
Recently, I have began drawing custom Valorant inspired agents of my friends for Christmas. BigZay was heavily inspired through the thought of Sova and my friend's love for his dog. Pocky was heavily inspired through his past love with CSGO and now transferring to Valorant. 
"Valorant Mobile Is Unplayable"
I looked on Reddit forums to see how current Valorant players feel about the launch of Valorant Mobile. Many players were either supportive or hated the idea. Many players mentioned that mobile games have a huge market which explains why Valorant is planning to launch a mobile version. However, players argue that the mobile version would make it difficult to play due to its many in-game abilities. 
Let's Add Kevin To Our Friend's List
Based on the user problem found, a persona, Kevin, was created to represent existing Valorant PC players who argue that the mobile version would make it difficult to play due to its many in-game abilities. 
FPS Mobile Games Were Often Over Clumped
During the competitive benchmarking phase, I looked at the UI of existing FPS mobile games such as Fortnite Mobile, COD Mobile, and PUBG Mobile. On each app, I looked at how they layout their home and in-game screens. I noticed that the home screens were often over clumped with too many features which can be confusing for players.
Keeping Visuals & Functionality Similar To The Original
After looking at other apps, I took a look into the original design of Valorant back on the PC because I wanted to keep the mobile version similar to the PC version by functionality and visuals. From there, I began designing the home and in-game screens for the mobile version.
"The Button Placements Are Similar to Other Mobile Games"
I developed the UI comps through Figma and played around with the placement of the buttons as this can heavily influence how players play and its difficulty. I designed screens for "Invite Friends", "Change Game Mode", "Agent Selection", "Buy Phase", and "Game Play". Gamers took a look at my prototype through a phone to check the size of the elements.
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