Redesigning YCC Website

Key Objective
Enhance the web UI of through CSS and PHP to improve the overall visual and experiential quality and provide a better look and feel for users.
Significant Outcome
This year, at least 500 mentors and mentees have used this website for courses.
Me (Digital Interface Designer)
Project Duration
November 2022 - December 2022
Redesign Process
color: #HELPM3; 😱
When I was first given this project, I initially felt scared about tackling this task due to my limited knowledge of coding and Moodle. It prompted me to reflect on the times when my professors had reassured me that as a UX/UI designer, coding wouldn't be a necessity. 
As part of a learning curve, I addressed my concerns by immersing myself in Moodle tutorials and leveraging my basic HTML and CSS skills for code inspection. I began with simple modifications, ranging from adjusting fonts and colors to redesigning UI elements and creating new designs.
Final Product and Reflection
color: #BADA55; 😎
Following the redesign, the project was transferred to a web developer to enhance the website with more intricate coding. This website has been utilized by students and mentors within the YourCareerCounselor program. Presently, the website's appearance has evolved since it underwent another redesign in September 2023.
This experience turned out to be very rewarding as I managed to overcome my concerns and achieve success. Through this process, I gained a deeper understanding of PHP, Moodle, Cyberduck, and Visual Studio Code. This valuable learning journey has empowered me with newfound knowledge and confidence in navigating such challenges.
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